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Adrian loves her husband, don't doubt that for a second. He takes care of her; he provides her with everything she could ever hope for. Well, except for sex, of course. But she didn't marry him for the sex. No woman in her right mind would. That's why she's been running around town stuffing her wet pussy with lots of big black cocks. In return, she makes sure that he doesn't catch anything she might accidentally bring home...
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When Liyla woke up this morning, she couldn't have told you the difference between a full-nelson and pile driver. She still can't, but she has grown a whole new appreciation for the fine art of pro wrestling. Especially the part where her husband's world champ hero buries his big black dick in her tight pussy! Not to worry, baby; there's plenty of dick for everyone!
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Having had her expectations concerning both the institution of marriage and the size limits of cock shattered in one day, Gioia found herself enjoying a wonderful new paradigm. No longer was she bound by the chains of love and law to her mediocre husband and his light switch-sized tool. She discovered the wonders of the big black American cock and became completely aware of the power her pussy had over her suddenly insignificant husband. Not that her pussy is going to be of much use to her husband in the future; from now on her pussy is for brothers only!
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